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Brilliant Business Opportunties For The Tech Minded

We’re living in a world that is designed and run by the geeks and nerds. Or, to put it in a more politically correct terminology, the technologically minded. Just look at the movie industry if you want proof. What are the most profitable movies these days? Huge superhero extravaganzas. Why? Because the type of people who run the world wants to see them, that’s why. But it is not just the entertainment industry. Every single business is catered specifically towards those who understand technology. Here are some examples of the business opportunities you can choose from if you have the right skills.

App Developer


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The owner of Candy Crush is a billionaire because that is what people do in their spare time now. You can forget about the next generation of games consoles, there probably won’t be one. The demand is just no longer there when people are far more interested in playing Angry Birds on their iphones. But, it is not just the gaming industry that uses apps. Every business is trying to get a piece of the action because they know that apps are a smart way to gain the interest of the consumer. That means if you know how to develop an app you can be sitting on top of the world in no time. If not you might want to think about taking an app development course at

IT Support

Everything runs on computers. We guarantee in every business there is a room full of computers with people frantically typing at keyboards. It doesn’t matter whether you are producing milk or running a shipping yard. At some point in the process of the business, there will be the use of computers and technology. That is why the IT support industry is booming, and if you want a slice of the action, you can set up your own company. You can start small with a website that helps people get their computers running smoothly. Then, with funding transform your small business into an e -commerce solution that companies will want to use.

Digital Agency

You don’t even need training for this one, particularly the new generation of workers. They have it drilled into them as soon as they start typing at a computer. All this involves is understanding how things like social media and SEO can be used to market a business. If you have ever opened a blog, you know how this works. You use keywords and links effectively on your site so that it appears on a search results page. But, did you know a business will pay a lot of money if someone can do that for them? Digital marketing is a multi-million dollar business, and if you know how it works, you can be a part of it.

Digital Communications Coordinator

Every business in the world has this job title somewhere in the company. It is a complex title that means keeping employees and colleagues connected. So, if you know the ins and outs of setting up a computer network, apply for this role today. As long as you can show where you picked up these skills and how to use them, you will have a good chance of being hired.

If you are a tech-minded computer whizzkid, the world is yours. We’re just living in it.