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How to Choose a Property Surveyor

Choosing a surveyor is no easy feat. Those who are embarking on the journey of buying a new property will want to know that their surveyor is up to the task. After all, with a great choice comes great responsibility. While there may be a lot of surveyors within the UK, this does not mean that you will get the same level of service from them. Some surveyors are better than others. This goes without saying. But, if you are in a surveyor quandary, you are certainly in the right place.

Let’s take a look at how you can find the perfect property surveyor for you.



What Kind of Survey Do You Require?

As with anything, there is a vast choice of surveys that you may need when you are in the midst of purchasing your new home. Think about what you need; do you need a fully comprehensive Homebuyers Report or do you need a Full Building Survey? The two do differ. Think about your requirements and seek out which property surveyor is best for you. Consider the age of the property. Did you witness any immediate and obvious problems with the property when you went to view it? If so, you may need a Full Building Survey. If the property is a newer build, a Homebuyers Report will be the perfect solution. Be smart and consider your options.

You Cannot Put a Price on Local Knowledge

There may be a vast choice of surveyors within the country. However, the best people to ask are those who work as surveyors within your locality. The price of expert knowledge on your location cannot be sought anywhere else. If you live in Greenock, for example, a surveyor in Greenock is the perfect solution. Ensure that your chosen company are Chartered Surveyors. A Chartered Surveyor is a quality assurance mark. This means that you will get a premium service.

How to Find the Perfect Surveyor

With the vast amount of choice afforded to you, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the selection process. However, there are some great things that you can do to ensure you choose the perfect people for the job.

Recommendations from family and friends are the obvious solution. They can give you a more humanised and personal referral. What is more, you will get an unbiased account from them. Your mortgage lender may also be able to recommend someone independent too. Mortgage lenders will be able to help you in a more professional capacity. Their attachment to the surveyor will be based on professionalism, not emotional sentiments.

Once you have short-listed your surveyors, you should endeavour to check that they are registered with the RICS. This ensures that they are Chartered Surveyors. This means that you get an entirely independent viewpoint of the surveyor. Plus you are confirming their credentials in the process. As previously mentioned, this is a quality assurance mark that you simply won’t get with other services.

Finding the perfect surveyor for you is easy, once you know how.